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The success of ProPath depends on every member that makes up our medical group practice team. 


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Did You Know? ProPath was listed as a “Top Workplace” by The Dallas Morning News.


Our medical group is made up of:

  • Couriers who pick up the specimens. 

  • Day and night processing, histology, and accessioning professionals who carefully handle the initial steps toward specimen testing. 

  • Cytology and medical technology professionals, who perform certain steps in the testing. 

  • IT experts who keep us on the cutting edge of technology as well as running day-to-day programs and technical support. 

  • Transcriptionists who work to ensure clerical accuracy in our patient reporting. 

  • The Client Response Center team who takes calls from our clients. 

  • Medical Billing professionals who see that the accounts are paid and who explain what ProPath does for our patients when they call. 

  • The Distribution Support team who ensures that reports and supplies get to our clients. 

  • Marketing Specialists who consistently and creatively place our name and reputation in the forefront. 

  • Sales and Service experts who bring in the business and do their best to service and maintain it. 

  • Finance and Payroll professionals who keep track of our progress and funds and who ensure ProPath employees are all paid for our efforts. 

  • Human Resources who tends to the personnel needs of the organization. 

  • Dedicated Pathologists whose life work is to attend to the needs of the patient and assist other medical practitioners in treating those patients with diagnoses based on sound medical judgment.


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