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Name Category
95% Alcohol-Cyto Fixative - GalPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
95% Alcohol-Cyto Fixative - PintPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Amies Clear Gel (GBS-Group B Strep)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Cervical Brush 8 (100/Pack)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Coplin JarPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
CytoLytPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
CytoLyt 30ml TubePAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
ProPathSwab (APTIMA Unisex/Endocervical Swab)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
ProPathSwab (APTIMA Multitest Swab)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Aptima Urinalysis Kit - YellowPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Kit - Urine CytologyPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
KnowNow - Out of State-7 DaysPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
KnowNow - Texas - 5 DaysPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Slide Holder - CrdBrd 2 Sld - DryPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Slide Holder - CrdBrd 1 Sld - DryPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Slide Holder - Grn Top - 4 Sld-WetPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Slide Holder - Snap Top - 5 Sld-DryPAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Slides - UniMark - FNA (72/Box)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Spray FixativePAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Combi Brush (25/Pack) ( Rovers)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
ThinPrep - Broom (25/Pack)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
ThinPrep - Brush/Spatula (25/Pack)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
ThinPrep - Vial (25/Tray)PAP/Non-Gyn/FNA Supplies
Biopsy Pads/1,000/Blue SpongesBiopsy Supplies
Cassettes for TissueBiopsy Supplies
CLO TestBiopsy Supplies
Empty Container - 1 GallonBiopsy Supplies
Empty Container - 1/2 GallonBiopsy Supplies
Empty Container - 20mlBiopsy Supplies
Empty Container - 120mlBiopsy Supplies
Empty Container - PintBiopsy Supplies
Empty Container - QuartBiopsy Supplies
Formalin Dispenser - 1 GallonBiopsy Supplies
Formalin Dispenser - 2.5 GallonBiopsy Supplies
Formalin Dispenser - 5 GallonBiopsy Supplies
Formalin Prefills - 20ml (24/Box)Biopsy Supplies
Formalin Prefills - 40ml (24/Box)Biopsy Supplies
Formalin Prefills - 60ml (24/Box)Biopsy Supplies
Formalin Prefills - 120ml (24/Box)Biopsy Supplies
Kit - Bone MarrowBiopsy Supplies
Kit - Prostate - 6 vialBiopsy Supplies
Kit - Prostate - 12 vialBiopsy Supplies
Kit - Renal BiopsyBiopsy Supplies
RPMI (Flow Cytometry - Tissue)Biopsy Supplies
Michel's (Immunoflourescence)Biopsy Supplies
SoftBiopsy Collection Device (SFT-1000)Biopsy Supplies
Soft-ECC Collection Device (SFT-2000)Biopsy Supplies
Soft-ECC-S Collection Device (SFT-2100)Biopsy Supplies
Panorama Prenatal Screen KitPrenatal Supplies
Horizon Carrier Screen KitPrenatal Supplies
Combo (Panorama/Horizon) KitPrenatal Supplies
Bags - Nail (2x3)Requistion Forms and Bags
Bags - Spec. (15x17 - Gallon)Requistion Forms and Bags
Bags - Spec. (6x9 - STANDARD)Requistion Forms and Bags
Bags - Spec. (8x10 - Pints)Requistion Forms and Bags
Bags - Spec. (12x15 Qt)Requistion Forms and Bags
Bags - Spec. (6x9 - STAT Bags) Requistion Forms and Bags
D Reqs (Dermatopathology)Requistion Forms and Bags
F Reqs (Podiatry)Requistion Forms and Bags
G Reqs (Gastroenterology - GI)Requistion Forms and Bags
H Reqs (Bone Marrow - Hematopathology)Requistion Forms and Bags
HC Reqs (Histology/Cytology)Requistion Forms and Bags
IP Reqs (Immunohistochemistry)Requistion Forms and Bags
OB Reqs (OB/Gyn)Requistion Forms and Bags
R Reqs (Renal)Requistion Forms and Bags
S Reqs (Surgery)Requistion Forms and Bags
UP Reqs (Urology)Requistion Forms and Bags
Reqs - TP (Tumor Profiling)Requistion Forms and Bags
Reqs - DC (Dermatolpath Consult)Requistion Forms and Bags
STAT Stickers - RedRequistion Forms and Bags
FedEx Box - SmallOut of Area Client Supplies
FedEx Box - MediumOut of Area Client Supplies
FedEx Box - LargeOut of Area Client Supplies
FedEx UN3373 Clinical PakOut of Area Client Supplies
FedEx Return LabelsOut of Area Client Supplies
UPS Box - SmallOut of Area Client Supplies
UPS Box - MediumOut of Area Client Supplies
UPS Box - LargeOut of Area Client Supplies
UPS Laboratory PakOut of Area Client Supplies
UPS Return LabelsOut of Area Client Supplies
#96 Black Printer CartridgeOffice Supplies
#97 Color Printer CartridgeOffice Supplies
Doculabels - 4Medica (250/Ream)Office Supplies
Doculabels - Digichart (250/Ream)Office Supplies
Dymo Labels 30252 (1 1/8 x 3 1/2) (2/Box)Office Supplies
Dymo Labels 30330 (3/4 x 2) (Roll)Office Supplies
Dymo Labels 30334 (2 1/4 x 1 1/4) (Roll)Office Supplies
HP 305A Toner - BlackOffice Supplies
HP 305A Toner - CyanOffice Supplies
HP 305A Toner - MagentaOffice Supplies
HP 305A Toner - YellowOffice Supplies
HP 410A Toner - BlackOffice Supplies
HP 410A Toner - CyanOffice Supplies
HP 410A Toner - MagentaOffice Supplies
HP 410A Toner - YellowOffice Supplies
HP CC530A Toner - BlackOffice Supplies
HP CC531A Toner - CyanOffice Supplies
HP CC533A Toner - MagentaOffice Supplies
HP CC532A Toner - YellowOffice Supplies
HP 932 Black InkOffice Supplies
HP 933 Cyan InkOffice Supplies
HP 933 Magenta InkOffice Supplies
HP 933 Yellow InkOffice Supplies
HP 940 Black InkOffice Supplies
HP 940 Cyan InkOffice Supplies
HP 940 Magenta InkOffice Supplies
HP 940 Yellow InkOffice Supplies
HP 940 BlackYellow PrintheadOffice Supplies
HP 940 MagentaCyan PrintheadOffice Supplies
HP 950 Black InkOffice Supplies
HP 951 Cyan InkOffice Supplies
HP 951 Magenta InkOffice Supplies
HP 951 Yellow InkOffice Supplies
HP 952 Black InkOffice Supplies
HP 952 Cyan InkOffice Supplies
HP 952 Magenta InkOffice Supplies
HP 952 Yellow InkOffice Supplies
Medical Billing Pad(PT Info) (50/Pad)Office Supplies
Report Paper (Client) (500/Ream)Office Supplies
PNH Collection KitOffice Supplies
MM/EMA Label Paper (250/Ream)Office Supplies
Certified Uninsured Status-Form (50/Pad)Office Supplies
ABN Forms (50/Pad)Office Supplies
Specimen Log (Client)Office Supplies
Candida Speciation Addon Fax Forms (50/Pad)Miscellaneous Supplies
IHC/Consults Slide/Block Transport KitMiscellaneous Supplies
Extended Arm for Lock BoxMiscellaneous Supplies
Lock Box - SmallMiscellaneous Supplies
Lock Box - StandardMiscellaneous Supplies
Lock Box - X-LargeMiscellaneous Supplies
Lock Box KeyMiscellaneous Supplies
Pink Billing EnvelopeMiscellaneous Supplies