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For 50 years, our team of board-certified pathologists has partnered with physicians to diagnose diseases and help patients find their unique roads to treatment and recovery. The pathologists of ProPath have built a patient-centered organization focused on diagnostic and scientific excellence, superior service, and a trustworthy partnership with physicians.

We are more than a lab, we are a medical practice.Diagnosing disease is very complex. Sometimes even experts disagree. Getting a correct diagnosis the first time can prevent unnecessary tests and treatments. It is important that you demand the highest quality of pathology services for your biopsy interpretation. At ProPath, we always put the patient first.

Here’s how:

1 All of our pathologists are board-certified by the American Board of Pathology, so you can rest assured that your sample is examined by pathologists with extensive experience and expertise.

2 We deliver your biopsy results to your physician within 24 hours in most cases in an effort to facilitate a quick path to recovery.

3 We are committed to patient safety by adhering to the highest standards of quality assurance and using the most advanced technologies.

4 Your physician has direct access to our pathologists for questions about your biopsy.

When it’s about your health, you want the best possible team behind you. Ask your doctor about ProPath, and request that your health plan include ProPath as a preferred pathology provider. Make sure you know and trust the person reading your biopsies and that you...the patient... are their number one priority.

5 We have a proprietary security check system.

You can feel confident that your biopsy is in the rights hands. ProPath has a 20 step proprietary security check system in place to prevent your specimens from getting lost or switched.


For any questions or concerns please call 800-654-1888
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