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Pay Your Bill Online

The ProPath companies that bill for pathology and laboratory services include:

  • ProPath Services, LLC
  • ProPath Associates, PLLC


Bills from ProPath Services, LLC are generally for laboratory testing performed on an outpatient basis at your physicianís office, hospital or a surgery center.

Bills from ProPath Associates, PLLC, our hospital-based pathology practice, are for the professional services relating to laboratory testing performed at various North Texas hospitals. Our bill is separate from the hospitalís bill and represents the pathologistís professional charges related to your hospital visit.


To Pay your bill, you will need to have your Account Number, Access Code, and the name of the ProPath company shown on your statement (see image below).

Look closely - is it from ProPath Services, LLP OR ProPath Associates?

If you received a bill from ProPath Services, LLC, click here.

If you received a bill from ProPath Associates, PLLC, click here.