Doctor Patel in the lab


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The UroDiagnostics provides a comprehensive menu of superior pathology services to support your busy urology practice.

ProPath's experience, diagnostic excellence, competitive turnaround time, outstanding customer service, and the personal interaction with our urologic pathologists, clearly distinguish us. In addition, the division works closely with ProPath’s internationally acclaimed immunohistochemistry laboratory, allowing the ProPath staff to solve even the most difficult diagnostic dilemmas, in most cases within 24 to 48 hours of specimen receipt.

The director of the division, Bahram Robert Oliai M.D., is board-certified in cytopathology and anatomic and clinical pathology. Before joining ProPath, Dr. Oliai spent two years in private practice in Chicago and did additional subspecialty training in urologic pathology on Dr. Jonathan Epstein’s consult service at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.