Doctor Patel in the lab

Why ProPath for Dermatopathology?

ProPath, an internationally-recognized medical practice and state-of-the-art laboratory specializing in anatomic pathology and molecular testing, provides exceptional dermatopathology services to dermatologists nationwide.

  • Gregory A. Hosler, M.D., Ph.D., ProPath’s Director of Dermatopathology educates the next generation of dermatopathologists in the classroom, has authored several texts on dermatology (including incorporating pioneering molecular pathology) and serves as the Dermatopathology Fellowship Director at ProPath.

  • Easy access to board-certified dermatopathologists via ProPath Physician Hotline 866-PROPATH (776-7284)

  • On-site advanced diagnostic technologies including immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and molecular testing

  • Daily conference and review of difficult or unusual cases

  • Painless EMR and PMS integration services and electronic ordering for the busy practice

  • Clear and concise reports; all physicians use consistent reporting terminology

  • Digital photomicrograph images on diagnostic reports help relate biopsy features

  • Rapid, 24-48 hour turnaround time in most cases, with online results for result reporting including immunofluorescence

  • Extensive insurance coverage nationwide including contracts with national carriers and PPO networks

  • On-site billing department with extensive experience dealing with the complexities of insurance billing

  • Various billing options for uninsured patients

  • Industry-leading quality control utilizing a proprietary checkpoint system for every case