Doctor Patel in the lab

Why ProPath for Immunohistochemistry?

illustration of Bacteriophage T4

ProPath is a physician-owned pathology practice providing exceptional immunohistochemistry services to pathologists, laboratories and medical centers nationwide.

  • Experienced, board-certified pathologists, specializing in immunohistochemistry

  • Extensive use of multi-tumor control specimens ensures unsurpassed quality

  • Detailed diagnostic reports with photomicrographic images

  • Immuno-stains or in-situ hybridization stains returned via overnight delivery

  • Reports generated in real time, using computerized voice recognition technology to provided unsurpassed turnaround time

  • Immunohistochemistry-specific requisitions

  • Internationally recognized in-house immunohistochemistry laboratory

  • Physician-owned pathology group dedicated to medical partnerships

  • Pathologists work together to ensure a uniform, consistent approach to cases and diagnoses

  • Nationwide courier network

  • Easy access to board-certified pathologists via ProPath Physician Hotline 866-PROPATH (776-7284)

  • Competitive 24-48 hour turnaround time with online results for result reporting including immunofluorescence in most cases

  • Extensive insurance coverage nationwide including contracts with national carriers and PPO networks

  • Experienced sales and client service teams

  • On-site Billing Department with extensive experience dealing with the complexities of insurance billing

  • Educational newsletter, The Focus, reviews current topics of interest

  • Online test and supply ordering, and instant access to reports using ProPath Gateway™