Doctor Patel in the lab

Why ProPath for Podiatric Pathology?

Illustration of feet
  • ProPath is a physician-owned pathology practice providing exceptional podiatric pathology services to podiatrists nationwide.

  • All nail and tissue cases are reviewed by one of our eight board-certified dermatopathologists

  • Access to board-certified dermatopathologists via ProPath Physician Hotline 866-PROPATH (776-7284)

  • Nationally recognized CAP accredited and CLIA licensed anatomic pathology specialty laboratory

  • We perform all testing in-house at one location

  • Fully electronic specimen tracking system ensures safety and accuracy of specimen and results delivery

  • Clear and concise reports using consistent reporting terminology

  • Digital photomicrographic images on diagnostic reports help relate biopsy/ PAS stain features

  • 24-48 hour turnaround time with online results available

  • On-site Billing Department with extensive experience dealing with the complexities of insurance billing

  • ProPath accepts all insurance plans, patients pay their customary applicable co-insurance and/or deductible

  • Various billing options for your uninsured patients